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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller


Where we
come from

Geo Space Makers was Co-founded in 2022 by engineer and innovator Steven Joubert and Entrepreneur Pieter van der Zwan. After 8 years of studying geodesic dome construction techniques, consistent developments and refinements were made to what is now a cost effective, low impact modular solution. Using a mould system combined with environmentally friendly composite materials, very light-weight building blocks are pre-fabricated and is easily transported on a small truck to remote locations. Assembly of the modular building blocks are designed to assemble easily & quickly and can be DIY should you have basic construction skills.

Turn your dream into reality…

Perfect small holiday home
Setup in a remote destination
Nationwide Installations
Move in within weeks

Where we’re at

As humanity progresses into a technologically advanced era, we face ever greater challenges to protect the natural world. Geo Space Makers suggests an alternative way to use space to better cultivate a symbiotic relationship with our very precious resource – Land.

Geodesic domes inherently have modular, rhythmic properties and super-efficient potential in their design. These eco-domes provide an opportunity to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, that is cost-effective and energy efficient. The vision of Geo Space Makers is to develop and produce a Geodesic Dome Home building method which captures all of the inherent design potential of Geodesic Domes – ultimately making alternative living conditions possible for the betterment of lifestyle and integration into the natural world. 

Looking forward

Collaborating with botanists, mycologists, landscapers, and village planners is the next forefront in achieving the goal of integration back into nature. We are learning about our world exponentially faster every day. Geodesic domes serve as a universal tool in the modern world, from tiny homes to bucket list unique stays, offering you the ultimate eco-luxury glamping pod experience. Geo Space Makers aim to uncover the most effective ways to use Geodesic Domes to create environmentally harmonious spaces for a better future.

Available options

Eco Resort (Glamping Pods)

Create an Eco-Resort with our futuristic Geodesic Domes. Guests love the unique and peaceful experience of sleeping in our nature-inspired custom builds.

Tiny Home

Custom designed alternative living space. By connecting multiple domes, you can expand your living space to meet your needs.


Luxurious eco domes for multiple applications. Think art studio, greenhouse, yoga studio, etc.

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Steven Joubert

Cell: +27 72 680 8346
Email: steven@geospacemakers.co.za

Pieter Van Der Zwan

Cell: +27 79 697 1690
Email: info@geospacemakers.co.za

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